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Installing WireGuard

Install necessary tools 

SailfishOS doesn't provide WireGuard functionality out-of-the-box, so we first need to install a few third-party programs from OpenRepos. You can get all of these either by downloading the RPMs manually from or by using Storeman.

Wireguard userspace implementation

Install the package wireguard-go : Download from OpenRepos

Wireguard userspace tools

Install the package wireguard-tools : Download from OpenRepos

Connman plugin for integrating Wireguard into Sailfish network manager

Install the package "WireGuard for Sailfish (connman plugin)" (connman-plugin-vpn-wireguard): Download from OpenRepos

VPN plugin for Sailfish OS settings app

Install the package "WireGuard for Sailfish (Settings UI)" (jolla-settings-networking-plugin-vpn-wireguard): Download from OpenRepos
This plugin is optional but makes using WireGuard much easier.