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Beginner's Resources

This book tracks the resources from: and

Community bugtracker

This is an attempt to track bugs in an easily accessible way. If you want to add a new bug, add it to the table and reference ...

Custom DNS

Per default, the DNS settings get set automatically and there is no way to change them (v4.0.5.18). This guide shows you how to...

Expand root partition

Your root filesystem is full & you can't install any apps anymore? This guide will provide several options to gain extra space...

Full backup of system (image)

Make a full backup of your system (as an image) which you can flash whenever something goes wrong.


This book contains: * the SFOS hardware porters HADK fag * SFOS hardware porters documentation

How to use

Tutorials an templates for using this wiki. You're welcome to improve the content in here.

Native Spotify

Describes how to listen to songs from Spotify on SailfishOS with Hutspot and Librespot. DISCLAIMER: This only works with Spoti...

ProtonMail Bridge

Use ProtonMail Bridge to interact with your ProtonMail account through the nice Sailfish E-Mail app. If you have any questions...

Wiki playground book

Please create your own chapter and set it to invisible after you created it!

WireGuard on SailfishOS

How to use WireGuard VPNs on SailfishOS. Tutorials for various VPN providers