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Bookstack Manual (the wiki software)

Creating an article

  1. Check if an article exists for the topic you want to write about. The full-text search should help you doing that.
  2. Check if there is a book or chapter into which your article would fit well. Books are listed here.
  3. If there no fitting book, create one and submit it with title and description.
  4. Create the page for the article. You can select existing templates from the sorrounded "=" on the right bar. 24-02-2023_10::43::20.pngYou can either write in WYSIWYG mode or Markdown mode. Choose wisely, because not everything of them can be converted nicely.
  5.  Save you article. If you don't feel like publishing it, you can uncheck the "Inherit defaults for everyone else" checkbox after you saved the article.

Further Information

The user documentation can be found here:

The admin documentation is located at

If you have questions to the admin of this instance, you can contact him per e-mail.