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Beginner's Resource Collection

Let's use this topic to collect some resources a beginner might find useful.

Keep this user-centric, there's other categories for development and other discussions.

*This is a wiki, so if you, dear reader, have something to add or edit, go ahead (you will need a certain [forum trust level]( though)!*

**Official Jolla Resources**
* [Jolla Store]( get your SailfishOS licenses here!
* [SailfishOS Blog]( for news, announcements and things
* [Jolla Together](  legacy discussion and support forum (read-only, may go away)

* [Jolla Service and Support]( a.k.a. Jolla Care 
* [Jolla@Zendesk]( Jolla customer care, where you can [create a new request]( and  [search]( for others

* [SailfishOS Wiki]( (developer-centric, with some user-related things)
* [SailfishOS Cheat Sheet]( for Power Users, and aren't we all
* [Community News]( monthly-ish news series on this forum

**Official User Guides**
* [User Guides]( the base (see also below links)
* [Jolla User Guide]( SF1.0 (outdated)
* [Jolla Tablet User Guide]( SF2.0 (outdated)

**Community Resources**
* [The Awesome SailfishOS Collection]( a, well, awesome list of resources just like this one, by @molan et. al. 
* [List of Android -> Sailfish OS applications](
* [Android apps and their Sailfish equivalents](
* [SailfishOS forum on]( the mother of all forums
* unofficial app resource: [OpenRepos](
* Telegram Group: [Sailfish OS Fan Club](
  * More discussion channels are linked in [this post](, including links for different messaging platforms and languages.

**Third Party Resources**
* Sony [Open Devices](

**Technical Resources/Guides**
* [Guide: Installing Sailfish X on Xperias](
   * [Increasing the "root" LVM volume size](

* [Guide: Creating partitions on SD-card, optionally encrypted](
* [Guide: Externalising android_storage and other directories or files to SD-card](
  Note that externalising Android storage does not work for AlienDalivik (AAS) on Xperia XA2, 10, 10 II ans 10 III, yet.
* [Guide: Fix certificate issues on SailfishOS, e.g. DST X3 root certificate on older SailfishOS (e.g. Jolla1 with 3.4)](
* [Some export (backup) functionality](

**App Stores /  Repositories Guides**
(enlisted here or in a separated thread ?)
* [How to install app's thread](