Hutspot is a native SailfishOS-app that acts as a Spotify-controller. It enables you to browse/search albums, artists, playlists and tracks. Playing the music is done on an 'connected' device. It requires a premium Spotify account.


Documentation for the app can be found on . The source code is also accessible under


Hutspot is available in the Chum-repositories. To see it, you need to disable "Show only applications" in the Chum GUI app.

Fix authentication issue

The current version in Chum has an issue with the authentication, where you would need to authenticate every time you launch the app. To fix this issue,  use a terminal app to copy the hutspot.desktop file to /etc/sailjail/applications:

cp /usr/share/applications/hutspot.desktop /etc/sailjail/applications

After that, use a text editor (for example nano) to add the following lines to the file:


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